Staying hydrated is this year's hottest travel trend
January 2016 

Did you know the Sahara Desert has a higher humidity level than an airplane? If that doesn't make you thirsty, keep in mind that upping your H20 intake can lessen the effects of jet lag and reduce headaches while traveling. Always the advocates of happy, healthy travelers, we found an eco-friendly, convenient option to stay hydrated.

Whether you're flying to make that next big deal or jet setting to a tropical location, make sure to pack a Vapur, the "anti-bottle" we decidedly cannot live without. It folds, freezes, hangs from your carry-on (or a palm tree) and best of all, comes in multiple styles to match your travel lifestyle.

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Charge your cell phone with your Kate Spade bag when you're on the go
Make your own first class seating with the coziest accessories in the world
Set the mood for your trip with Jawbone's small but powerful travel speaker 
Keep your brand new passport safe and very, very stylish
[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]
If your airline forgot to add USB charging ports to your seat (we're so sorry), you've got one extra backup thanks to this designer handbag with a secret.
Sure, traveling to new places is all about abandoning your comfort zones, but you can add a little touch of cashmere here and there, right?
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We get it- you invest in an incredible hotel room only to see an old docking station. Skip the FM radio static- we've found your solution.
Since it's the year of renewing your passport (more on that here), why not grab a fancy new cover while you're at it? We love this metallic style by Michael Kors.

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