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Everything you need to know about TSA right now

There's something about hearing "Transportation Security Administration" that sort of makes us feel like we're on our way to the principal's office. Maybe it's the quirky rules (peanuts are a yes, peanut butter is a no), maybe it's the room for error (say goodbye to the full-size bottle of $60 face cream you accidentally put in your carry-on), or maybe it's the soul-wrenching long lines.

But as President Lyndon Johnson once said, "If we are to live together in peace, we must come to know each other better." And the reality is, since TSA is actually here to help us, perhaps understanding is the key to acceptance.

With that said, this edition of Savvy Traveler is all about TSA tips and tricks to make your life that much easier on the road. For starters, click below for an exclusive invitation to have your in-person Global Entry interview completed at the Cadence® San Diego, CA headquarters this September!

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How to bring your own food on an airplane (without getting in trouble with TSA). →
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Talk it out: TSA now answers your travel questions via Facebook Messenger. → Free money! AMEX will reimburse you $100 for your Global Entry application fee. →

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