"This is like, the coolest vacation ever."
March 2016

In between visions of new destinations and adventures, there's one constant dream: the day your kids say something you did was cool.

We swear it's possible. With Royal Caribbean®, your family won't be a bunch of tourists. You'll be explorers, adventurers and experience seekers. And this won't be just another cruise- especially when you're visiting Alaska by land and sea, choosing between mushing your own husky dog sled team across an actual glacier or zip-lining through an alpine forest. These Alaska CruiseTours conveniently include hotel, transportation and more- just ask us for details. Oh, and before you pinch yourself, we have one more thing to add: right now, every guest on just about every ship is 30% off. Click here to view the offer.

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If you're going to visit the Galapagos, do it the Linblad Expeditions way.
From winter wonderland to tropical paradise: discover the world wth Club Med
Pitch a tent in Antarctica with Hurtigruten. It's even cooler than it looks.
It's Cape Town: you don't have to choose between city life and safari life
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Voyage from island to island on an expedition ship, making fresh discoveries daily. Hike, kayak, and Zodiac cruise. Have personal encounters with fascinating animals that won’t run in fear from you. Explore the undersea. In the 50 years they've been exploring here, Lindblad Expeditions has introduced generations of guests to the magic and mystery of Galápagos. Now it's your turn.
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If being somewhere new is your family's idea of adventure, you'll love that the most beautiful and preserved places on the planet are yours to discover with Club Med. With majestic mountains, pristine beaches, rainforests, protected reefs, national parks and famous ruins in 65 heavenly hideaways (in the world's most remarkable destinations), you'll have serious bragging rights.
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Having one of those days where you need to feel like a true polar explorer? We're fascinated with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to camp overnight in a tent in Antarctica. You'll be safe and warm in top-of-the-line equipment as you fall asleep to the sounds of penguins in the distance. It's just another unique shore excursion on Hurtigruten's "discovery style" expedition cruises.
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What makes this Great Safaris itinerary so... great? It starts in the Mediterranean climate of Cape Town, the trendiest resort in the south of France. You'll sip wine, discover art and dine on gourmet food before jet setting to Kruger National Park, where you'll search for the "big five" on game drives. And best of all? Bring the family- your second guest travels for half the price!
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