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If you live in constant fear of your suitcase breaking...

Holding your breath at the baggage claim? Damaged luggage is one of those travel mishaps no one deserves yet everyone just sort of deals with. You secretly wonder if each time might be the last time for your favorite bag, and worry that you've waited too long to invest in one of those ultra-durable spaceship varieties. This is no time to blame yourself. The truth is, eventually any suitcase will succumb to totally careless mishandling.

For a long time, airlines have used "normal wear and tear" as a generalization that protects them from compensating travelers for damages. Lucky for us, the Department of Transportation recently set out to clarify exactly what should be covered. After a trial implementation period that started last November, it is official:

Damage to handles, straps, wheels and zippers that reflect improper handling are no longer the responsibility of the passengers.

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